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More on Mattie B

    Mattie Bethea, native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is a lyrical magician. With three of her favorite past times being reading, writing and watching music videos, Mattie has always had the ingredients for being a phenomenal songwriter. She has always been captivated by words and their ability to move people and evoke emotion.


        Growing up favoring artists like India Arie and Babyface, Mattie began writing r&b but her eclectic taste in music didn't allow her to just stay there. She has written amongst the genres of r&b, rap, pop, gospel, alternative and country. A woman that is great with words and selective of when and where to put them to use, her make-up has proven perfect for the great songwriter she has become. Songwriter Mattie Bethea is one to keep an eye on. Her love of music stands on the philosophy, “music is the art of the soul”.


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