Yellow Aventurine Bracelet & Necklace Set

Yellow Aventurine Bracelet (adj 9.1in) & Necklace (hangs 8.5in copper plated) Set 



Yellow Aventurine aid in being more decisive. If you and affected by and react far too easily on even insignificant happenings, you can try using this stone to assist you with oversensitivity.

This stone will also make you more understanding so you can grasp others’ perspectives and ideas completely, especially when they clash against yours.

If you have suffered from any major accident in life or gone through trauma, use Yellow Aventurine to relieve yourself of grief.

Yellow Aventurine can be particularly helpful for you if you find it difficult to accept your inner self since this stone creates a sense of ease within you.

Likewise, it also assists you in improving your self-esteem and realizing your true worth. This is also why Yellow Aventurine is used to enhance confidence and make one self-assured.


Yellow Aventurine Bracelet & Necklace Set